"The purpose of life, after all, is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experiences." - Eleanor Roosevelt

Sunday, January 31, 2010

January Highlights!

I want to catch everyone up on our January so here are a few of the things that we have experienced and laughed about...

My boys are ready for Game Day! Ben loved yelling at the tv whenever Daddy did and he especially loved yelling "Touchdown!" Conner was just thrilled to be in the basement playing with the Wii remotes (which we have since decided we are not going to allow anymore since Conner chews on everything... it has been quite the struggle!)

I have absolutely no idea why Conner has started to play with his food so much, but he has turned into the messiest eater ever!!! Fun to watch sometimes, but not worth the cleanup! He was sticking lunchmeat on his face on this day... never really did figure out why... but he thought it was hilarious!

We love our Wednesday and Sunday mornings when Nick is home with us! Not only does Mom get out of the chore of feeding the boys breakfast, but sometimes Daddy goes and gets us McDonalds! Conner and Ben are loving the hash browns! Today we indulged ourselves and Ben kept saying "hash brown" and was so pleased with himself! Ben keeps his hash brown in the paper as he eats it and Conner manages to rip the whole thing apart and makes himself into a little greasy mess! I just love how excited they get at all the little things...

They are so darn cute sometimes... actually a lot of the time... I have found that they use that to their advantage! Whenever we go to Nick's store, Conner and Ben know that it is showtime and the more hugs and kisses they give each other, the more people will stop us and tell me how adorable my children are... I just laugh, say "thank you," and think to myself "if you only knew...!"

Nana and Gramps gave the boys "Touchdown Hero" for Christmas... basically it's a big inflatable football player with a net in the middle of it for the boys to throw the football into. So we finally got this out yesterday and they both are loving it! You have to fill the bottom of the toy with water or sand to get the thing to stand up straight... so last night Conner discovered the plug on the bottom that holds the sand/water in. We had filled it with water (it's a little difficult to get out to our sandbox right now!) Conner kept trying to be sneaky and pull at the plug and luckily we caught him everytime.... until this morning! He pulled that plug out and water splashed all over himself and the living room carpet!!! He of course was scared and wasn't sure what exactly had happened so it was sad for him... but pretty darn funny for us! He was good as new when we got him dry clothes and the carpet was starting to dry... it's going to take forever!

So those were some moments from our January... now I feel complete with starting my 2010 blog and I will try to keep adding things every few days so you all can see what life is like with the cutest (and possibly naughtiest) two 2 year olds in the world! There are so many times that the boys amaze me and just make me smile and I can't wait for them to make you smile too... even if it's through a computer! Don't get me wrong, I also plan on putting all the naughty things on here too so you can all get a laugh! We have a lot of big events coming up in the near future... big boy beds, potties, etc. so stay tuned!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Our very own Blog!

I have wanted to start our very own blog for quite a while now... sharing our lives with our friends and family is so important and this is just another way to do that! As I am writing, I am enjoying the peacefulness of the house that comes with naptime and I find myself wishing 2 different things... that naptime would last at least another hour but also wishing that it would be over so that I can watch my two little boys enjoy the rest of the afternoon! We'll have to see which one comes true....