"The purpose of life, after all, is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experiences." - Eleanor Roosevelt

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Picture with George...

We have been messing around online today since there's not much else to do with 2 sick kids! I started out trying to find some ideas for what else we could build with all our legos and we ended at pbskids.com and discovered that we could put characters into our pictures. The boys were thrilled that Curious George got to be in their picture!!! I thought it was pretty cool too!

So far we just have some colds with mild fevers. Hopefully we will all feel better tomorrow! We still have a whole house that needs to get painted!!!

Thursday, August 26, 2010


We have been so busy lately, I at least wanted to post something so everyone knows that we are still here!!! We really needed to update the outside of our house, so Papa and Grandma came over last weekend and helped us get started. The bad pieces of siding have been replaced so now we are starting to sand, prime, paint, etc. I thought that the painting would go a little bit faster than it has been... but I forgot to factor in the two 3 year olds here who insist that they still need all of our attention! Last night, we tried to just paint some on the back of the house so the boys could play in the backyard. They both whined and cried most of the time because Mom and Dad were busy and not playing with them! It's harder to leave them in the front yard since Conner has discovered that (apparently) it is very fun to run away from Mom and see how far he can get before I catch him... the little stinker is pretty quick! Ben is just happy to help but if he doesn't have a job to do, he will let the neighborhood know how unhappy he is!

School is going great! They both still love it and I love when they bring home pictures that they've colored or painted at school. When I ask them what they did at school that day, Conner usually just starts talking in his own little language that I have yet to understand completely! Ben will usually say "had fun!" So I will ask him what he did that was fun and he will usually say "I don't know" with a huge grin on his face! I am adjusting to not having them around most of the morning. Truthfully, I am enjoying the extra time to run errands and do things around the house. It frees me up to do more things in the evening with all my boys!

So there's a quick update! Pictures coming soon!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

It's here... school!

We get to go to school today!!!

Ben (in blue) and Conner were of course very excited to put on their backpacks and walk around with them. They kept their hands right where they are in this picture because they didn't want their packs to fall off!!

We're at school!

They ran into their classrooms and promptly forgot about Mom and Dad. We stood there for a while and then realized that we were actually supposed to leave them there!!! Our morning went by sooo sloooow, even though we actually did get quite a bit done! When we went to pick them up, Conner ran up to Nick but stopped short and then ran back into his classroom. Ben walked as slow as he possibly could out to the van and once he got there, he cried and cried! They didn't want to leave school!!!!

Overall, it was a very successful first day! (And I didn't even cry... well not really....!)

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Tears...

Yep... I knew it would come... the tears... Tomorrow I have to drive my babies over to school and leave them there for two and a half hours! I must admit that I have been looking forward to school not only because they will absolutely love it, but it will also give me a nice break! (and most days I need a break!) But now that it is here, I am anxious, nervous, sad, probably all the things that all moms feel when they have to take their kids to school for the first time. I am scared for them, scared for me, and a little scared of what this school year will bring us... I just want to keep them with me... Life changes so fast... It's okay to be emotional right now I keep telling myself because I have been informed (by my hilarious husband) that when we take the boys to school tomorrow, it is a "cry-free zone!" We'll just see about that! I am off to look at their baby pictures now... I'm serious... I really am!

Our baby Ben...
Our little Conner...
To my boys (whenever you are able to read this!) I want you to know that I will truly miss our mornings together everyday. I joke about how much work you are, but I hope you know that I wouldn't have things any other way! I love being home with you and I would do it forever if I could! Tomorrow is an important day for us all. I love you more than I could ever express in words...
Ben, you are a carefree energetic little man! You are going to love being able to be more independent and making new friends! You are going to do great things because you are so friendly, eager, smart, and pretty darn cute too.
Conner, you have such a tremendous desire to learn about new things and I know that you will be so excited to be in school where you can learn and experience all kinds of new things everyday! Your curiousity and your ability to charm everyone around you will take you far!
I love you guys... Good luck to us all tomorrow!

Friday, August 13, 2010

One Step Closer...

We got our new backpacks this morning! Not much to put in them for preschool but still a necessary accessory! We start on Wednesday the 18th! Very exciting... and scary!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Play-Doh... I'm still undecided if this activity is worth all of the cleanup that comes along with it but it was necessary today! With the heat and the degree of naughtiness that we have going on at our house we needed something different to focus on for a while! It was a blissful hour and fifteen minutes that ended abruptly when the throwing began... shocker...

Ben woke from his nap a little before Conner and sat on the steps with his juice reminding me to shhhh... I love how this little man wakes up so happy!
Nick prepared an awesome dinner for us tonight, but he is off to the races for the evening... so... more play-doh perhaps?! Hmmm... maybe just some coloring... Ben still has play-doh stuck to the butt of his shorts!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Bonus Weekend!

The boys and I got a little bonus weekend these past couple of days. Nick had to be out of town for work, so I took the boys to Gramps and Nana's. I always like it when the numbers are more in my favor! We went on Tuesday and came back yesterday. Fun times had by all!

We went to the Children's Museum on Wedsnesday afternoon! The boys were very excited...

Conner (of course) has to try to climb on top of the counter...

Ben was winding his way down some flooring that went up and down... kinda funny to watch them...

We had a great couple of days and now it's Friday!!! A real weekend! Better yet, Daddy finally has a day off work on Sunday. We are all super excited about that! Thanks to Nana and Gramps for letting us invade their house... I really appreciated the help!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Corn on the Cob!

Tonight Nick grilled an awesome dinner for all of us and he had gotten some corn on the cob for the two of us to enjoy. The boys were both very interested and asked for more constantly throughout our meal. We finally just gave them our ears of corn to finish up. They loved it! Who knew??!!!

Ben took Daddy's...

and Conner took Mommy's....

We knew the meal was over when they started making faces... (thanks Gramps!)

While I was cleaning up the kitchen, all 3 boys went into the living room and laid down for a few minutes after their big meal! Conner of course had to lay on Ben!