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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Third Grade... Ahhhhh!

First day of school!!! Third grade this year for these two and I am in complete denial about it. Conner and Ben are so excited! Although Conner did have some nervousness this morning, so much, in fact, that he actually threw up before we left for school. Poor baby! These boys make life so much fun. I can't believe our summer is over and they are old enough to go to third grade... but I guess today is the day!!!

The boys had a great first day! They saw all their friends and met a few new ones. They met all their new teachers and visited with some past teachers. They were very happy after school and quite tired! I still made them fill out their "First day of School" sheets that I have had them do the last couple of years!

As if the day wasn't exciting enough, soccer practice also started tonight! Nick is the head coach this season, so all 3 of my guys were out on the field tonight! They all had a great time! Whew... what a day!

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