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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Sundae or Sunday...

The boys had big plans today... they were going to go to their first race tonight with Daddy and Papa.  Of course, those plans were made before all the crazy weather so the races ended up being cancelled for the night.  We had two very sad little boys.  We tried to make the best of it with spending time playing outside and decided at the end of the evening we needed to make a trip to the ice cream shop!  As we were all getting into the van, my favorite conversation of the day began...

Mom: So, what kind of ice cream do you want?
Ben: Ummm... banilla with caramel.... and sprinkles
Mom: So, you want vanilla ice cream with some caramel and sprinkles on it?
Ben: Yep.
Dad: So, you want like a sundae?
Ben: No Dad, it's Tuesday! What?!  I just want banilla with caramel and sprinkles!
Dad:.........Okay Buddy........

Conner decided he wanted the same thing!  We enjoyed some ice cream and called it a night!

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