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Friday, October 31, 2014


Conner and Ben are ready to go trick-or-treating!!!

The boys had a great time tonight!  It took them a few houses to get warmed up, but they soon remembered how fun it is to go running from house to house getting candy!  By the time we got to the other side of our street, however, Conner was just hilarious... he was obviously getting tired so after every house we heard a new complaint.  "This is giving me a headache."  "I don't like Halloween."  "I feel sick."  The kid was on a roll and while he was thoroughly entertaining us, he was also DONE!  Ben did awesome the whole time and when we were ready to be done, he agreed that he had filled his jack-o-lantern with enough candy.  They were both so tired when we got home, that after handing out some candy to some trick-or-treaters, they had almost no interest in going through their own candy!  They will probably be really excited about it tomorrow, but for now, these two turtles are tucked in and fast asleep! Happy Halloween!!!

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