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Friday, October 17, 2014

Great Wolf Lodge...

We decided to take the kids to Great Wolf Lodge in Wisconsin Dells!  The kids love it here and they couldn't wait to get here.  The car ride, as always, was brutal, but was worth it when we walked through those doors and the boys received their very own wolf ears that they have only taken off to go swimming so far!  Here are Ben and Conner in the lobby while Daddy was checking us in.

We got to our room and unpacked while the boys waited...

We decided to go to the game room for a while before we ate dinner.  Amazingly enough, the boys won 1000 tickets on one of the first games they played!  So we stood there, seemingly forever, while the game spit out 1000 tickets...  and then Nick had to feed them into another machine to count them so we didn't have to carry that many tickets around!!!  The boys didn't really realize how crazy that was!  They just wanted to move on to the next game!

After games, we had some dinner and spent the rest of the night at the water parks!  So much fun!!!

After 3 hours of swimming, Daddy made a snack and the boys got ready for bed.  They will sleep well tonight.  (Probably won't sleep late, but will sleep well!)

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