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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Conner the Tooth Puller!

On Sunday night, right after dinner, Conner surprised us with the announcement that he had just pulled his tooth out.  We weren't even aware that he had one loose, but he apparently had been wiggling it for a while!  So he was pretty happy with himself and loved that the Tooth Fairy brought him his money Monday morning!  That was #7 for Conner!

On Monday, Conner came home from school with these cool Spider Man glasses. He loves them and I don't think he will be taking them off for a while!  Right  before dinner the little stinker started yelling that he had pulled out another tooth!!!  He ran over to me in the kitchen and showed me his mouth, and he had, indeed, pulled out another tooth!  The problem was that he was so excited that he had pulled another one all by himself, that he had dropped the tooth somewhere when he ran over to me!  Dad helped in the search and he finally found it in the carpet.  Whew!  Now he has lost 8 teeth (same as Ben) so we told him to leave his teeth alone for a while!  The Tooth Fairy made another trip to our house Monday night and left some more money for Conner which he put right into his bank.

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