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Friday, August 7, 2015

Free Time Fun!

Conner and Ben had such a fun week with Nana and Gramps!  We are so grateful to Nana and Gramps for taking good care of our favorite boys,  Conner and Ben keep telling us about all the fun they had!  Nick and I enjoyed the break, too!  Here are the boys at the golf course!

While the boys were gone, Nick and I enjoyed some free time!  We went out to eat, we went to movies, we slept in, we stayed up late, and we bought a new car!!!  First, I had to get a picture of Nick with our charger...

We bought a 2014 Impala!  We are pretty excited!

When the boys got home from Gramps and Nana's house, they got to sit in the new car and were excited to go for a ride.  They especially love the moon roof!

Thank you Nana and Gramps for some much needed free time for Nick and me, and for entertaining Conner and Ben!  They loved everything!!!

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