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Thursday, March 17, 2016

Dinner Conversations...

Today, we had a nice relaxing morning at home!  This afternoon, the boys had a checkup with their neurologist.  We knew this visit would probably result in blood work, as it usually does. So, we tried to prep the boys (as we always do) by talking about how important the blood tests are to make sure their medicine is working and all that good stuff.  They were both very nervous, but they did so fabulous!  No tears, no running out of the office, no kicking, no screaming.... it was awesome!  They were very proud of themselves!  We had promised them ice cream and since it was getting close to dinner by the time we were done at the lab, we just decided to run over to Culvers and have some dinner and ice cream.  We had one of my favorite kinds of dinners where the boys just talk and talk!  Here are just a few of the highlights...  Conner had me laughing because at one point, he had a french fry drenched in ketchup in his hand and I could just see his little mind going... he was sitting next to Nick and he got that fry as close to Nick as he could without Nick noticing.  He got a little ketchup on Nick's arm hair, threw the fry in his mouth and began laughing hysterically like he had just accomplished something really cool!  Later Conner started flipping his hair out of his face (the boys' hair is really long right now!) Ben joined in and we had two boys pretty obsessed with their hair for a few minutes.  Then, just because, Ben burped so loud it vibrated the table and every head in the restaurant slowly turned toward us.  We were ready to go after that... Before we got out the door, Conner asked us if he could have his own room in the basement.  Apparently we have had a little too much time together lately and Conner needs some space...  I just love these people who make sure we never have a dull moment!

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