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Friday, July 29, 2016

Welcome Home!

The boys got home today from spending most of the week with Nana and Gramps! They had such a great time! Thanks to Nana and Gramps for showing the boys such a good time and keeping them entertained (not easy...!)

When Nick got home from work, he wanted to try something new with the guys, so Nick got their new bow and arrows out and he set everything up so that the boys could try their hands at some archery! I was so nervous, but the boys did really great! Ben went first and he had some really good shots. He even got pretty close to the bullseye on the target! Conner also did very well. He was a bit more nervous, but he also had some good shots at the target. It was pretty cool to watch our boys gain some confidence and do so well in such a short period of time! Success!!!  Nick and I also tried it, but I believe Ben had the best shot of the afternoon!

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