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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mother's Day!

I woke up to breakfast in bed today... I'm not sure if I have ever been served breakfast in bed!  Nick took the boys on a little grocery run while I slept and when they got back Nick made me an omelet, hash browns, and he even made his own hollandaise sauce.  And, he got doughnuts... It was definitely a great way to wake up and coincidentally it was also the best part of my Mother's Day!  My guys got me some flowers, some personalized gifts (very sweet), and of course, the homemade cards and the school projects that I always love!  I even talked Nick into trying out our green thumbs and we got some flowers planted.  (Nick really did all the work!)  The weather wasn't great, but it didn't matter... I spent the day with my best guys.  Thank you Nick, Ben, and Conner for making me feel so loved!  I love you guys so much!  Thank you also goes to our moms,  Nana and Mama, for helping us discover how to be great parents and always being there when we need you!  Happy Mother's Day!!!

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