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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Big Boys...

The boys got some "knex" pieces to build with and they absolutely love them!  Ben had a great time making this windmill and then thinking of things to add to it!  So much fun to watch him!

Conner made this little contraption and then insisted that I find a way to attach it to him so he could fly...  He finally settled on sticking it in the back of one of his caps and wearing the cap around, but was disappointed when he still wasn't able to fly with it!

We got Conner and Ben new desks for their bedrooms for Christmas!  Here is Conner sitting at his big boy desk...  I think he was mostly excited about his new Spiderman lamp that we got for his desk! He looks so big!!!

And here is Ben at his new desk complete with his very own Ninja Turtle lamp!  He sat here for a while saying he needed to do some work and check some emails!  Such a big boy!

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