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Wednesday, July 29, 2015


We have been so excited to take the boys to Adventureland!  I wasn't sure what they would want to do, but they wanted to do everything!  They both did so amazing, even on the big roller coasters that I don't particularly like.  I offered to go do something else with whoever didn't want to ride the roller coasters, but everyone wanted to go, so I did, too...  Their faces lit up on every ride.  It was awesome to watch these two 8 year olds!  I am so proud of them!  The ferris wheel thingy was first (can't remember what its name really is!)  We found out it was not Nick's favorite...

The boys laughed and giggled the whole time on the teacups!

The air balloon ride was fun!

We were going to bypass the ladybug ride, but the boys walked right up, got in line, and told us that this ride was just for kids...  okay then.  Apparently they needed to strut their stuff without Mom and Dad for a few minutes!

The boys absolutely loved the bumper cars, but were a little disappointed because they are still a bit short to drive, so they each had to ride with Mom and Dad.  It was pretty fun!  I think that Conner and I bumped into Dad and Ben way more times, but Ben insisted that they won...  There was a little truck ride next.  Conner and Ben loved it!

Nick had to do the Space Shot so while he stood in line for that, the boys and I found a motorcycle ride and we revisited the trucks they liked so much!  Nick enjoyed the Space Shot, although I have no idea why...

Dad met us at the Frog Hopper after his Space Shot!

We had some lunch and then wanted to do the log ride.  We stood in line for a long time, only to be told when we got to the front, that the ride had to be shut down for a while, so that was frustrating for us all!  In the meantime, we did the big Outlaw rollercoaster.  I screamed the whole time and Conner will enjoy telling you how Mom freaked out!  The boys did amazing!  We did a water ride and a few other rides that it's hard to take pictures on!  Then the boys got to fly their plane...

It was getting close to dinnertime, but we wanted to check on that log ride one more time.  It was open and the line wasn't as long as it had been earlier in the day, so we were able to do it!  It is my favorite!  Poor Conner, who was in the front, was soaked from head to toe!  Nick got pretty wet, too.  Ben and I sat in the back, behind Nick, so we got wet, but not as bad as Nick and Conner did.  

One more picture of our brave boys on their first trip to Adventureland!  It was an amazing day!!!

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