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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Big Boy Toys...

Conner and Ben had some birthday money that they wanted to spend so we scoured the toy aisles today looking for the perfect toy.  And, we found it!  They are so excited to have their very own remote control helicopters.  It was so sweet to watch them march through the rest of Target telling anyone who would listen that they are old enough to buy their own helicopter!  They were so proud of themselves!  (Funny side note about our trip to Target is that when we were all done, it was pouring rain outside.  We made a mad dash for the van but got completely soaked in the process!  Especially me, since I was trying to push a cart, protect my purse, and keep Ben and Conner right next to me!  When we all finally made it into the van, we looked like we had all just stepped out of the shower... dripping. with. water.  Wow.  The first picture is when we got home after drying off just a little!)

As soon as Dad got home from work, the helicopters were tested out.  The boys love them!  We did good today!  The boys took the flying pretty seriously!

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