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Saturday, July 18, 2015

Birthday Party!

Today Conner and Ben get to have their baseball birthday party!  They have been waiting and waiting and waiting...  Today is finally here and they are so excited!  First, we got a picture of the birthday boys and then headed outside to put the finishing touches on their new basketball hoop!

The boys loved their lunch!

Nick even carved the watermelon boat to look like a baseball!

Almost time for presents...

Conner and Ben were excited about everything!!!

They both wanted the same cake this year so they shared a big one!

The boys got new golf clubs from Mama and Papa and cannot wait to actually go to a golf course!

After playing with some of their new things, we were ready to turn the water on and have some fun outside!  The kids got to play water balloon baseball and play with the slip n' slide and sprinkler to stay cool!

We had a great party celebrating Ben and Conner turning 8 years old!  Hard to believe that it is number 8 this year!  I say it all the time, but these two boys amaze me in every way.  Happy Birthday, my boys!

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