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Thursday, March 12, 2015

March 12, 2015...

Today was a very emotional day... Grandma's funeral was today.  The boys did the best they could, but it is still a bit confusing! When we got home, the boys sat by all the beautiful flowers we got to bring home.

In other news, Conner went to the ear doctor the other day and one of his tubes was laying in his ear canal so the doctor removed it, put it in a little treasure chest, and told Conner about the "tube fairy!" We kept forgetting about it so tonight we remembered and asked Conner if he wanted to put it under his pillow and see if there really was a tube fairy.  He opted out, saying that he didn't want a fairy to come and take his treasure chest! So, for now, he just wants to keep it!

Although today was a sad day for us, we have to acknowledge that today is our family's adoption day!  6 years ago, today was a very happy day for us!  I snapped one last photo of these two little miracles that make our life so sweet.  We have Spring Break coming up next week, so we will spend some time celebrating our special day!  We love you so much Ben and Conner...

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