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Monday, October 26, 2015

Fun Weekend!

On Sunday morning, after a little breakfast, we were ready for some water fun!

The boys were waiting for the big bucket of water to fall on them!

Conner and Ben kinda posed for a second in the wave pool!

The boys loved the big slides again this year!

Ben and Conner added another slide to their list of things they can do all by themselves!  They had to slide down on a tube and then ride the lazy river at the end of it.  They loved being able to do it by themselves! In the past, Nick has used a double tube and gone with them one at a time, but they were having none of that this time!

After lunch, the boys begged to do the game room so we spent the next hour and a half playing games!

This is their favorite game... they call it the "shark game!"  Conner and Ben are both pretty good at it and towards the end, that's all they wanted to play!

After games, we did more swimming, ordered pizza for dinner, and went back for more swimming!  We had a fantastic time!  As Dad was loading up the rest of our stuff on Monday morning, I talked the boys into sitting for a picture.  They were exhausted, actually we all were, but we had a very fun trip!

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