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Saturday, October 17, 2015


Conner and Ben have been begging to paint their ghost and pumpkin that came in their annual "Boo Bags" from Nana and Gramps, so they decided tonight was the night.  The shirts came off and the paints came out!  They were very serious about their projects!

Conner painted his ghost white, shaded with some purple, and then ended up painting over the entire thing with black.  We asked him why he painted it black and he insisted it wasn't all black.  When Nick accused Conner of being a little weird, Conner came back with, "I'm not weird, I'm an artist!"  Later when Conner admitted that he had indeed painted his ghost all black, he said, "Well, maybe I'm not a very good artist.  I think I will be a police officer instead when I grow up."  He keeps us laughing...

Ben did a wonderful job making his pumpkin look very realistic.  He chose to paint the whole thing orange and then he shaded some spots with a bit of yellow.  He also made the stem green.  He was very proud of himself!  You give this kid a job and he takes it very seriously!

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