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Thursday, June 16, 2016

"Fit it all in" Thursday...

Ben and I are ready to start our last day of vacation and we are going to do a little bit of everything today!

Conner discovered that he could have his own little fort in this huge tree!

Conner, Ben, Nick and I had a late morning fishing expedition...

The afternoon was spent at the beach. The boys also got to tube one last time!

We decided to take some time and make sure that the boys knew what to do if they were in deep water and also had their life jacket on, so they jumped off the dock and floated on their backs for a while!  They were loving it!

Ironically, after the life jacket lesson, Conner and Ben floated out a little too far on their tubes... without their life jackets. I had just told Nick that the boys were out too far, when Conner slipped off his tube and into water where he couldn't touch. Amazingly, our little man moved his hands and feet enough that he was able to stay afloat (for the most part) until Nick reached him! That was a scary ten seconds, that seemed a lot longer, but Conner was so proud of himself!  (Nick put the tubes away after that...) The rest of the day was wonderful!!!

S'mores on our last night...

We had a great last night!

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