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Friday, June 10, 2016

Packing, Driving, Arriving...

Thursday night was spent excitedly packing! Ben wanted to help, Conner opted to stay inside! (Our almost 9 year olds have grown some serious attitudes in recent weeks!)  Everyone is so excited to get to Minnesota and have a fun week!

Friday morning, we were up and ready to go! Not really looking forward to the driving part of the trip, but we are all ready to be at our destination! Our first stop was for some breakfast and the boys really liked the idea of having a "grown up" breakfast from McDonalds!

Surprise, surprise, we actually made really good time this year. We stopped for lunch about 4 and a half hours after we left, and then kept on truckin til we hit Spicer, MN!  We did a little unpacking and then the boys hit the lake and we enjoyed the sunshine!

Fishing after dinner is always one of our favorite things to do! It was a great day to start our vacation!!!

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