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Monday, June 15, 2015

Go-Kart Day!

Monday was go-kart day!  Definitely a favorite for our kids!  We always get a kick out of watching them race around the track.  The boys take it pretty seriously!  They also got to ride in the bigger go-karts with an adult, but driving their own is by far their favorite!

After all that driving, Conner thought that he should be able to drive home...  yeah... he kinda threw a fit and had to be physically removed from the driver's seat!

We played outside later in the day.  Conner wanted to fly his kite (with no wind) and Ben wanted to play football with Dad.  They showed me their Heisman poses...

After a few bubbles, Conner decided that he wasn't done with that kite just yet.  He was convinced that it could help him fly.  He tried to tie it to himself... he tied it to a tree and jumped... he wound it around the clothesline and waited for a breeze to take him away...  He was disappointed when his flying attempts were unsuccessful!

After dinner we discovered Ben's new favorite game... Bocce Ball!

 A book with Papa to end the day...

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