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Thursday, June 4, 2015

Tooth Trouble...

Today should have been one of those carefree summer days I have been thinking about...  Instead, the boys had a little spat this morning and Ben ended up pushing Conner, who then hit his mouth on the part of the mantel that sticks out by our fireplace, and he chipped his front lower tooth!!!  I could not believe it...  So, here is Conner showing off his battle wound...

And here are the boys doing separate activities...

Conner made some "art" in which he glued and taped pencils to his drawing...?

Ben drew a picture of our family all getting along... (he did feel a little guilty for Conner's tooth!)

I took Conner to the dentist and she was able to fix the chipped tooth, so all is well for now!  When we got home, Conner needed to dress up like Dad, which included some old pajama pants, his Packers hat, Dad's socks, and Dad's shoes!  He was also very happy because Dad got some guacamole for dinner.  We discovered that Conner liked it when he had a fiesta at school and he has been asking for it the last couple of weeks.  Today seemed like a good day!  He is now a very happy boy!

Right before bedtime, Ben and Con cuddled up and were friends again! Another crazy day...but I love it!

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