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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Tubular Tuesday...

More fish...

The boys rode bikes for a while this morning and they kept getting too close to this black truck that was sitting there so I had to keep reminding them not to run into it.  I heard their conversations about it and it was hilarious... they would drive by and Conner would say, "Isn't it gorgeous?!"  And then the next time by, Ben would say, "It sure is something isn't it?!"  Apparently they really liked the cool black truck!

The guys decided to do some tubing in the afternoon.  Nick loves it!  The exciting thing is that the little boys got to try it this year, too.  Not too fast... just a nice relaxing ride!  I was nervous, but the boys absolutely loved it!

We took a little walk tonight and grabbed some pictures by the resort sign!

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