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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Last Day of 1st Grade!!!

This is it!!!  Last day of school for all three of us!

The last day was a lot like any other day!  Except, of course, that there was a lot more playing and a lot less working!  The boys are ready to go into their classrooms for the very last time!

Today was a good day!  There was a lot to do, and even though it seemed to go by a little slow, by the end I was wondering where had the last 10 months gone!  It is amazing how much our boys have grown up and how much they have learned!  We are proud of everything our boys do, but I am especially proud of them both for the kind young men that they are becoming.  They work so hard for everything and now it is time to enjoy a couple of months off and have some fun this summer!!!  Love you Ben and Conner!!!

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